I enjoy an integrated home entertainment network to a great extend. Although there are people who really take it to the limit (see this forum), I am pleased with what I have achieved so far. After, I have other interests too…

Thanks to a few lucky opportunities I have been able to build up a set that satisfies me quite well. Here is an outline.

Main equipment & media sources

Cambridge Audio 640R, tuned with a dB-meter and Digital Video Essentials

Cambridge Audio 650BD

Samsung P50C6500 (plasma), ISF calibrated by ITC

  • Center speaker | KEG Q10c
  • Surround speakers, front | BNS Soundcolumn II
  • Surround speakers, back | BNS Soundcolumn III
  • Subwoofer | B&W ASW 650
  • Auralex Gramma (Subwoofer disconnection)
  • Isotek Isoplug & CD (Electricity filter & equipment static cleaner)
  • Connection cables Oehlbach
  • Remote control via iPad with Logitech Ultimate Hub

Networked equipment & media sources

Sony Vaio VGN-FW41E, iMac 21″

Synology DS 213j, 8 terabyte

Sitecom 300N & Cisco EPC3925, wireless gigabit routers

Apple TV 3 (living room, wired for smooth full hd playback), Apple TV 2 (bed room, wireless)

Logitech Squeezebox Classic (bed room, wireless connection)

Movies & Music

What I like about music & movies, apart from just the fun of watching and listening? Good question, but it’s nothing more than that actually. I admit that I enjoy the great visual and auditorial experience. Especially after the implementation of the tweaks and calibration of my home cinema set. But other than that, don’t expect me to watch film house movies because it’s so intelligent. I watch what I like and nothing else. If that is a film house movie, so be it.

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