I like facts!

Yes, I admit it, I like facts! That makes me a curious marketeer, in a healthy way. This was already apparent when I read the encyclopedia as a kid. Not just to know something, I just read it like a reading book. I still have the urge to read everything close to me. Anyway, I came across these infographics that I would like to share with you.

Things are connected to the internet - Internet of thingsThe “Internet of things” was found at a Cisco-blog. Of course, you would almost say. Interesting: there are more things connected to the internet than people. My first reaction was, pardon? But when you think of it, it’s not that difficult to understand. Take me for example, I have a TV, Squeezebox, Media-player, BluRay-player and a laptop connected to the internet. Not to mention the wireless connectiod of my smart phone. When will the time come that the use all of these appliances will be analyzed individually for very specific recommendations and offers based on use, timing of use and the application itself? I think sooner or later!

How big is the internet - State of internet 2011In addition to ‘Internet of Things’, next in this overview, and I like this one very much because of its continuous updates, is the “State of the Internet 2011” from Online Schools. What amazes me, despite my awareness of the size of the internet, the internet is far much bigger than one can ever imagine. It’s huge! It’s colossal!  Does interactive infographic reflect the actual figures, the truth? Probably. Does it matter? No. It’s a fact that the internet is huge and at this point, this is enough.

Twitter or Facebook - The clashOf a larger value is the next overview from BuySellAds.com, especially for a (online) marketeer. Although based on statistics from the US only, this kind of data is almost vital for us, marketeers. Unfortunately, this kind of information is not (yet) available for the The Netherlands (where Twitter has a penetration among online users of 26.8%), but this kind of data is clearly of added value for your multi-channel mix. If you know your goal, you know where to be for the right audience and attention. If only we had this kind of information for other social sites as well and with more details. But hey, where do you stop anyhow. The only concern that remains, how do you manage a multi-channel / cross-channel approach where the customer is in the lead?

So, whether it is ‘Internet of Things’, ‘State of the internet’ or the clash between Twitter and Facebook, fact it that internet dominates everyday life….