The pee pee of social media

I recently came across this overview of ‘all’ social media channels more or less available to the world wide web now. At first I considered it a funny overview stating the general belief of non-believers. Later, when I reviewed the image and had my mind set on it, I could see the message.

Before I continue with my view on the fundaments of social media, I have to state that it is not totally clear who the originator is of this image. The creator of this image (Awesomizeme) is clearly not honest about the fact that he did not create the idea by himself. The only reason I show this image is practical, it fits. Mindjumpers is completely honest and therefore I would like to refer to their website for the good cause. And like they say in a nice way: All credit on the original idea goes to someone unknown out there in the blogospere.

Anyway, you would say that as a marketeer I am totally crazily in love with all the social media we have at hand at the moment. And believe me, there is a lot more out there! To be honest, it was not love at first sight. I simply don’t like all the bits and pieces in profiles or tweets telling the world what the creator is doing, planning to do or has done (or any other human action that can be communicated). That’s why I like the Pee Pee of Social Media.

On the other hand, however, I am a strong believer in the power of social media for marketeers. I see it as another communication channel that has even quicker access to the crowd than any other communication channel. Especially with tools such as Tweetdeck, where people can generate search strings that continuously monitor all tweets world wide that meet that specific search string. Just imagine what your reach would be as a marketeer when you can discover how consumers find what they need and you have exactly what they need. Just like Google made that possible with Analytics and Webmastertools for our websites. I mean, try to compare it with TV broadcasts. How long does it take for a marketeer to know what to show or tell the world and then take action on it? I think even websites and landing pages cannot be amended for and adapted to their audience so quickly. I wonder how long it will take before all social feeds can be monitored via tools like Tweetdeck, so that social media will be even more powerful…

What is your view on the ‘Pee pee of social media‘?