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Content creation – One size fits all, or ‘situation’ driven?

I know how you can personalize messages in e-mail, direct mail or even on a website by using click, web visit or buying behaviour, or anything related to this. However, when it comes to content creation, sharing and optimizing information, which factors are the biggest influencers on your decision on what to tell? Let me try to get some thoughts on content creation together and organized below.

So, you’re an entrepreneur with a great portfolio of products, services or anything that you can sell. Well, perhaps you are a marketing communication professional that would like to successfully sell your employer’s product portfolio and you and your team decided that one of the key elements of the strategy is content.  The big word has been spread; you are going to attract customers with content. Wow!! 

Content creation; Easier done than said, or perhaps is it less complicated than one would think? 

First of all (not necessarily most important), what’s the nature of your company or the company you’re working for? Providing information, showing content and so on entirely depends on your expertise when you’re basically selling ‘you’ or just a few products. You can’t have it easier in that way. However, what happens if your company sells over 20,000 products belonging to over 1,000 products groups? You will have to find a balance regarding available resources, amount of details to publish, update frequency, etc. This will determine how you will publish content technically, either in person or via a database publishing solution and the nature of the content, either product or product group focused or beyond these (e.g. industry related). So, will it be a ‘one size fits all’ orientation, or a ‘personal’ one?

The previous relates to this thought, are you going to write for your audience, or will you write from a product or service point of view? I know, you will have to listen to your audience in order to determine what the best options are, but are e.g. customer personas the real deal in this case, so that you provide different content for different target groups? Or will you tell everything about your product or services in such a clear and structured way that anybody can find anything needed? My take on this is that it’s probably going to be a mix of the 2 and depending on the challenges shown in the previous paragraph. There´s the balance again…

Other thoughts, the possibility to shape content based on events, locations, etc. I recall a scene in ´Rainman´ where the 2 brothers plan to take a flight to LA, but the autistic half panics about the carrier while the other one has only 1 goal, getting there.

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Talking about event driven content…. This is of course an extreme example, but not as much as you think: your customer’s need for information fully depends on the situation he is in and what his goal is. This may change in a split second, so how are you going to deal with that?

Final thoughts, how much influence does the product’s nature have from a buyer’s perspective? How much information availability is needed or can you provide for low interest products? Probably not as much as products with a high involvement. Or again, will you provide information beyond the product, e.g. industry related? And yes, it depends on what your audience asks for, but read my first thoughts again…

So, I am trying to get these thoughts organized. What is your take or vision on this in relation to content creation? If you like to share them with me, I will use it as an inspiration for a follow-up blog.

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