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Introducing to you with new found energy: ‘Thursday | Recapping favorite readings’. Some of you may have noticed that I share interesting readings on LinkedIn from time to time. From this moment on I will publish a summary of these on my website every Thursday, in addition to the other blogs of course. This may be a mix of English or Dutch articles or favorite readings, or in one of these 2 languages only. So, you may or may not be able to read all articles. I apologize beforehand…but it is still part of favorite readings.

This week in ´Thursday | Recapping favorite readings in marketing & business’:

Introducing the periodic table of content marketing

I published an article on the periodic table of SEO ( some time ago, this one relates to content marketing. The periodic table of content marketing aims at summarizing the key elements of good content marketing. The basic principles are strategy, format, content type, platform, metrics, goals, sharing triggers and checklist.

All in all it is good read and summary of what needs to be kept in mind when one starts with content marketing or would like to review the current processes.

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10 interessante onderzoeken van afgelopen week

This article discusses 10 researches that have been published in the week before. The most interesting for me were related to e-mail marketing:

– Best timing of an e-mail campaign (most popular days are Friday for consumers and Thursday for B2B, with best open rate on Saturday for both target groups)
– The national e-mail bench mark 2014 (e.g. the Dutch click more in emails than the Australians, English and Americans, mobile becomes more and more important)
– Webcare usage by top 100 advertisers in The Netherlands (Dutch Railways & Telecom are most active)
– A/B testing appears to be bad for conversion, especially when you continue testing again and again (which is logical in a way)
– The Dutch expect privacy regulations from the government, even though they wish to benefit from new digital developments while giving up privacy

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Hoe benut ik de kracht van print in het digitale tijdperk? Eventverslag DeMeter

An overview of presentations held during a DeMeter meeting (Direct Marketing institute) focused on the challenges publishers (of newspapers, but magazines too) face with regards to personalization of content, both online and offline. With the current technical development it should be possible to publish newspapers with personalized content, even though large volumes are still dominant. However, even digital publishers face challenges related to the speed of news generation, amount of data available, etc.

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Journalisten: social media niet betrouwbaar, wel belangrijk #SMING14

Short and most important conclusion: journalists consider social media as an increasingly important tool to collect information, but do not thrust it. There is a distinction between consumers and organizations (can be trusted less) and the fact that they don’t thrust social media does not mean that they check facts.

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Waarom adaptive display-advertising het helemaal gaat worden

A great overview of advantages, opportunities and ideas that come with the creation of adaptive display advertising. This means that display ads (even those from Adwords) may change content and the way in which content is presented depending on the device on which it is shown and the technical features this device has. E.g. a gyroscope (which determines the position in which the device is handled) may indicate that the device is placed horizontally and therefore extra content is added, or extra animation is added. Other examples are the connection with the battery life indicator, light intensity indicator or the connection used (GSM, 3G, etc.).

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De multichannel-klantervaring van de Bijenkorf

A detailed (if you can speak of details) article on how Bijenkorf (large department store in The Netherlands) changed its market approach completely despite prosperous growth in the first 3 years after launching the e-commerce website. Next to changing their platform to Intershop 7, they also took the opportunity to stay ahead of the market with regards to customer experience through all channels.

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Bedrijven voldoen nog niet aan verwachtingen omnichannel-klant

Although it’s a summary / report of a Nima Masterclass, it’s still interesting to read that 72% of customers wish to recognize themselves in the way companies communicate with them (personalization), but only 39% is actually experiencing this. The article presents a couple of real life situations from Perry Sports, Disney, Aegon, etc. showing what the difference is between what is measured and what is experienced and in what context you should place it. To achieve an omni-channel experience in the right way, you will have to think big and start small. Sounds familiar…

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Van Google Analytics naar Universal Analytics: overstappen doe je zo

Universal Analytics is the natural successor of Google Analytics and contains new features that are only avaible in Universal Analytics. In order to be able to use Universal Analytics, a few steps have to be taken regarding tracking codes for various measurements and for creating just 1 cookie instead of multiple ones. You will have to setup cross-domain & e-commerce tracking too. Don’t implement the changes in 1 process, but take it one by one and test it accurately to ensure proper operation.

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Google Beefs Up AdWords Location Extension Reporting And Targeting

A very small article on a new report available in Adwords: Location Extension Reporting. Quite interesting for the brick & clicks among global businesses.

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