Jacco Overdulve MBA

B2B Marketing & Communicatie Manager

I love to inspire and help colleagues, departments and organizations to make a difference by thinking, working together and operating with the customer in mind. After all, the right basis for B2B marketing & communication is constituted by a clear and down-to-earth positioning and vision, with the focus on the customer journey.

Over 20 years of knowledge and experience in B2B marketing & communication proof that I can take a marketing department and the organization (back) on the right track quick and effectively!

My approach is down-to-earth, simple and efficient, thorough where needed. I connect the many marketing & communication aspects, strategic challenges, concepts, processes and resources with each other using creativity and innovative solutions for one goal only: achieving results in an efficient way, with each step of the customer journey.

My career

MCB, Essentra, Solar, Plieger and DYKA with 1 goal only: help the customer in the most optimal way for the right solution!

My resumes

Using my passion for B2B marketing & communication in the most optimal way for the right strategy and results

B2B marketing & communication approach

My approach is based on a few marketing theories or marketing models. Not continually, but if it is needed, it is very much of help. I like to apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle very much (Start with Why). What is your added value for your customers and why? And what’s the biggest drive for the organization to achieve this? And does everyone believe in this? More inspiration can be found here.

In addition to this I love to work with the customer journey and inbound marketing. You may think of models like this, this or this. The main focus remains the customer and how to reach, inspire and convince him.


Mobile, chat, contact form, social media and e-mail, all available to contact me

Marcom Blog

A lot about marketing, communication, customer journey, customer satisfaction, strategy and more

By going back to basics, I make colleagues, departments and organizations aware of what they do, why they do it and what they need to get the customer focus.

Data is not dirty, nor attention or existing processes, uses and plans. Knowing the origin of the organisation’s existence, what it does and why is needed for the road to customer focus. Modern and up-to-date methods and techniques will be used after this, if needed.