Growth? Go back to the basics!

As I am writing this now, it’s been several weeks since I was confronted with my own pitfalls. In my quest for a new move in my career, I got lost in an overload of gathering information, sharing and writing by myself. In that way my website ( had become a repository of articles from other websites. Also, my work experiences and skills were listed without a clear line and (web) technical features and information were displayed without a goal. The soul had disappeared.

Today, the turnaround is behind me and all changes have been incorporated. My website and any other visual presentations now state again what I am good at: growth by going back to basics.

Nicely said, Jacco, but what does that mean for my organization or employer? Good question, which is not simple to answer. Of course, my approach differs with each organization, but the main picture can be given.

Going back to basics

‘Going back to basics’ does not mean that a company, department or campaign is dressed down. On the contrary, it does not even have to be a physical action or move. Perhaps it is even more an awareness-raising, from a marketing perspective, which may consist of several elements. Just consider the following with the question in mind “Where can I get growth from?”:

Marketing plan

Does the marketing plan connect to the goals of the organization and does it carry out what the company stands for? In other words, is it an authentic, coherent whole that endorses the core values ​​of the company?

Marketing activities

Are the activities indeed part of the marketing plan and not just blanks fired at will? Do the activities fit within the organization, are they authentic? And perhaps most importantly, can the results be measured, attributed to the various campaigns and are they a positive contribution to the operating results?

Marketing processes

How is the marketing department and its activities organized? What ensures that all activities and campaigns are under control and implemented as planned? Or perhaps not and can you speak of panic or ‘your wish is my command’?

Business existence

Perhaps the first and most important question: Why has the company, the products or services it offers, ever been established? It’s not about the results, but it applies to a greater purpose, the right to exist. Inspiration, passion, focus or drive needs to be discovered to achieve growth again, from the heart of its existence.

Of course there are more marketing related issues that can be addressed here. The goal is to get to the core of the company, department or plans, ensuring that focus, passion, drive, etc., will come back.

In short, by taking a step back, going back to the basics, new growth opportunities will arise.

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