Have a look in the marketing pantry more often!

(Free) Content in B2B is available a lot more than you think…

August 2020. It will not surprise me if many marketing departments have been told that the marketing budgets are being reduced for the rest of the year. Or that this will be heard in the near future, including the budgets for next year. A more or less logical consequence of the results in recent months and what results may still be expected.

Sure, the costs precede the benefits. Therefore, marketing budgets generally follow sales budgets and targets. However, if it is necessary to look at “cost control” the marketing budgets will often be considered at first.

Is there a man overboard then? Not for me! Ever heard of No Budget Marketing? Read more about it here. And thanks to Jamie Oliver’s “Keep Cooking and Carry On” (click here for more inspiration) I was reminded again: you don’t have to get all kinds of fancy products to be able to make the most amazing recipes. First, take a look around your own pantry for the best and tastiest dishes. Free content abounds! I offer a few options:

1. You own knowledge is gold

Dear marketing manager, general manager or general manager (or whoever has something to say about the marketing budgets), go ahead, cut the marketing budgets and check the marketing pantry more often! Correction, not only of marketing, but also of sales, production, logistics, personnel, financial, etc. It has been said before, but there lies the greatest wealth of marketing material: content and knowledge from enthusiastic ambassadors, your own colleagues!

Then you really don’t have to tell the story with fancy videos. In fact, too beautiful comes across as unbelievable. Keep it stupid simple and let the main character tell his story full of enthusiasm and passion. Filmed freehand with a telephone, or simply written by yourself and possibly edited and corrected. What does he find so great about the solution, the organization, the department (great for your recruitment) or his daily activities. No better advertising (excusez le mot) than enthusiasm and passion! To be sure, check the passion with which Jamie Oliver cooks. If that doesn’t inspire!

The fact that the marketing department operates (temporarily) differently than it is normally used to, only enriches the knowledge and experience of the colleagues involved. A win-win situation.

2. Brochures and leaflets in your archives

As an organization, people do not often think about it, but the promotional material that has been produced in recent years, such as brochures and leaflets, has a greater added value than you think. Nice that you give it all away at customer visits and trade fairs or sent in mailings. As far as I am concerned, it is only really useful if you omit all promotional frills and focus yourself purely on the knowledge contained in these brochures. Then you have a sea of knowledge and content that you can share and work like a magnet on websites and social media.

In short, find the old PDF files, look for very old material and make it suitable for publication on the online channels.

Don’t forget, the story must of course be converted into leads and customers. So feel free to use the conversion-enhancing resources. A good marketing automation tool, such as Hubspot, can help you with that.

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