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Biografy of a B2B Marketing Leader 1As a B2B marketing & communication manager my take on B2B marketing and communication is simplicity with a Back to Basics (B2B) point of view applied with modern and up-to-date techniques and methods. And above all, measuring results! I love to compare ‘B2B marketing’, and business in general, with the apparent simplicity of a round of golf. It is a sport where strategy and positioning need to be optimized continuously. This determines your next step and whether you win or loose.

Just like with golf I continue to learn and optimize my B2B marketing & communication skills and knowledge, yet win step by step. From the start of the project, when the right products and tools are selected, until the development of the final marketing communication apparels, I do what I do for that single moment – the customer takes 2 products in his head and selects yours and takes it to the checkout.

As a B2B marketing & communicatie manager I am strong in clearly combining, communicating and executing talents, strategies, concepts, plans and campaigns.  All for one goal only: achieving results in an efficient way, both financially and operationally.

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MCB, Essentra, Solar, Plieger and DYKA with 1 goal only: help the customer to get the best

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As a B2B marketing & communicatie manager I am strong in building and structuring departments, bringing the (strategic) customer focus back on a level where it should be for the department.

It helps to be able to combine, communicatie and execute talents, strategies, concepts, plans and campaigns in a clear and straight forward way. Just for one goal only: achieving results in an efficient wat, both financially and operationally, with each step in the customer journey of the B2B customer.


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My approach is based on a few marketing theories and models. Not on a continuous basis, but when needed it helps me a lot. I like to apply the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek (Start with Why). What added value do you have for your customers, and why? And what is the biggest drive for the organization to do what is needed to achieve this? And does everybody believe in it? You can find more inspiration about this here.

In addition to this I love to pick and setup the customer journey and inbound marketing. Think of models like thisthis or this. The focus remains on the customer and how to reach, inspire and convince them.