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I have had the honor and pleasure to cooperate with a great number of colleagues and business partners.

The description below from a former colleague is therefore a hole in one:

“Jacco in 3 words: Strong, loyal and smart. Friends and colleagues see him as a solid rock in chaotic or hectic situations. Meanwhile he remains friendly and empathic. He is ‘hands on’ and a strategist at the same time and therefore stays focused and keeps the overview on goals and results. Has high levels of knowledge, vision, experience and insight in marketing, communication and general management topics. He likes things to get done and is a stimulating personality. As a colleague he is energetic, open, honest, direct, to the point and loyal. He is jovial and witty when the situation allows so, but will remain politically and culturally sensitive.

In the 4 years I have been working with Jacco I discovered he is a hard working person, with the ability to stay calm and cool in hectic situations. At the same time he shows vision and strategic overview on (marketing and communication) projects and situations, while being able to present this in a clear and down to earth way. Jacco is dedicated and loyal to both his employer and his customers.

– Jock de Rooy, former Database Engineer at DialogAMI, now Business Projectmanager Fertility at Merck Serono

Jacco is a very professional marketeer and project manager, with innovative ideas, and a thorough approach. From his marketing skills, he makes the translation from effective concepts to cross media solutions, that are both feasible and can be very new as well.

– Karen Lelieveld, former founder and commercial director of Sabern (

Jacco is an open and entrepreneurial person. It is always pleasant to work with him; Jacco is always open for new ideas and willing to examine if it adds value to his company. Additionally if the solution is not common he takes up the challenge.

– Rudi Theuerzeit, Sr. Account Manager International at PostNL

In de korte tijd dat ik hem ken heb ik Jacco leren kennen als een toegewijd en vakbekwaam persoon. Een goede gesprekspartner die open staat voor nieuwe ideeën en mogelijkheden.

– Jean-Pierre Briaire, former Sales Manager at DR3 Data, now Business Development Manager at Measuremail (

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MCB, Essentra, Solar, Plieger and DYKA with 1 goal only: help the customer to get the best

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Using my passion for B2B marketing & communication in the most optimal way

Other references

  • Martha Daams, owner of Martha Daams Marketing, Communication and Management Support

  • Marc Bokma, former Data Analyst at DialogAMI, now Interim marketing-consultant

  • Erwin van Sebille, former Communication Consultant at MCB Nederland, now Consultant Communication and Cooperation at Rabobank Valkenswaard

  • Edward Tiemeijer, Controller at Essentra Components

  • Chantal Robbé, former Marketing Coordinator, now owner of Chans Events


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