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Marketing & communication is not simple neither complicated. My blogs are about anything that is related to offline and online marketing & communication, from strategic point of view. Of course, with an omni-channel setting in mind and written as simple as possible. This can be my own opinion and vision, but also comments on various subjects or readings taken from other sources.

By writing blogs and reading articles I learn from other people´s views, visions, opinions and knowledge. At the same time I hope the same happens to other people who come across my website or articles. Go ahead and use my articles freely and as much as possible. However, the credits are mine

internationaal b2b marketing

Best international B2B marketing

To work internationally, you can go a long way with good positioning and proposition. Country differences usually follow in details such as price, product specifications, location and promotion. With a good international B2B marketing plan you can implement this well and flexibly. Moreover, the practical implementation is a piece of cake thanks to many tools such as DAM (digital asset management), a good CMS and an email platform that can handle this perfectly.

De marketing voorraadkast biedt veel meer content dan je denkt

Kijk eens vaker in de B2B marketing voorraadkast voor gratis content

Het zal mij niet verbazen als menig marketingafdeling te horen heeft gekregen dat de marketingbudgetten teruggeschroefd worden voor de rest van het jaar. Kijk daarom eens wat vaker in de marketing voorraadkast! Content in B2B is veel meer in huis dan je denkt…

Internet of Things in B2B

Internet of Things; B2B vs. B2C marketing beslecht?

Het zal een wellicht eeuwige strijd, nou ja op zijn minst een leuke discussie zijn tussen een B2B en B2C marketeer: in welke mate loopt B2C marketing (nog) voorop ten opzichte van B2B? Als je daar überhaupt van kan spreken nu H2H als credo steeds meer in opkomst komt.

Golf en marketing gaan samen

There’s more between the game of golf and marketing

Picture this: you’re standing in the clubhouse of a nicely groomed infamous golf course, overlooking the slopes and fairways, the perfect greens, admiring the challenges offered by bunkers, trees and the rough. All you can think of is, how will I be able to fight the elements, play the game and win at the end of the day.

In search of excellence marketing perspectief

In search of excellence, for marketing too!

In search of excellence, ook voor marketing en communicatie! In search of excellence… Geen idee hoe ik erbij kwam, maar een aantal weken geleden dacht ik terug aan mijn studietijd in de VS. Een mooie tijd, die ik overduidelijk niet vergeten ben. Niet alleen de leuke hoogtepunten kwamen naar boven,Continue reading

Groei? Ga terug naar de basis!

Growth? Go back to the basics!

Growth? Go back to the basics! As I am writing this now, it’s been several weeks since I was confronted with my own pitfalls. In my quest for a new move in my career, I got lost in an overload of gathering information, sharing and writing by myself. In thatContinue reading

Internet der dingen - iBeacons - Internet of things

The #IoT (Internet of Things); Thoughts from a marketing point of view

The #IoT (Internet of Things); Thoughts from a marketing point of view This article was published on Linked too. You can find it here. The ‘Internet of Things’ is one of the developments I have been following the last couple of years, basically since I published an article named “IContinue reading

B2B marketing ervaring in omni channel

B2B marketing predictions 2015 revisited

B2B marketing predictions 2015 revisited This article was also published on LinkedIn via this link. The other day I was triggered by an article published on You can find it here. The author, or the website in general I guess, asked what changes people expect with regards to B2B marketing?Continue reading

LinkedIn audience

The Dutch and UK audience on LinkedIn

Recently LinkedIn added 2 infographics on SlideShare showing characteristics of the Dutch and the English on LinkedIn. For your information, both are considered to be important user groups for LinkedIn thanks to a large audience having a profile on LinkedIn. (© LinkedIn Europe): The slides have the same contentContinue reading

Content marketing strategie

Thursday | Recapping favorite readings

Introducing to you with new found energy: ‘Thursday | Recapping favorite readings’. Some of you may have noticed that I share interesting readings on LinkedIn from time to time. From this moment on I will publish a summary of these on my website every Thursday, in addition to the otherContinue reading

Content marketing strategie

Content creation – One size fits all, or ‘situation’ driven?

Content creation – One size fits all, or ‘situation’ driven? I know how you can personalize messages in e-mail, direct mail or even on a website by using click, web visit or buying behaviour, or anything related to this. However, when it comes to content creation, sharing and optimizing information,Continue reading

Multi-channel engagement with 5 tools

Multi-channel engagement – 5 tools

OK, it’s been a while ago since I wrote my last blog. My apologies, it’s been busy and then you will have to set priorities. Easy as that. Anyway, here’s my next blog. As I said in my last blog, I was supposed to find multi-channel platforms that provide meansContinue reading

Social media en hun typische doelgroepen en toepassingen

Social power for the marketeer!

My apologies beforehand, as I seem to stick with social marketing at the moment. But then again, it’s hot, it’s happening and you can’t avoid it. And as pointed out by Marketing Facts in their article “Consumenten zijn social media moe” (sorry, it’s in Dutch, but it is based on Gartner’s research “Gartner Survey HighlightsContinue reading


I like facts!

Yes, I admit it, I like facts! That makes me a curious marketeer, in a healthy way. This was already apparent when I read the encyclopedia as a kid. Not just to know something, I just read it like a reading book. I still have the urge to read everythingContinue reading


The pee pee of social media

I recently came across this overview of ‘all’ social media channels more or less available to the world wide web now. At first I considered it a funny overview stating the general belief of non-believers. Later, when I reviewed the image and had my mind set on it, I could see the message.Continue reading