The customer journey in the spot lights of your organization

A sustainable view of the customer journey

Of course, every commercial organization is customer-oriented. At least, it tries to sell its product or service to customers. Whether you are working in a customer-oriented way is food for discussion. A nice and clear example of such a discussion is presented in this article. It indicates in great detail what the difference is between being customer-oriented and actually being customer-oriented.

As far as I’m concerned, understanding customer focus starts with the customer journey. As a marketing manager, but also the general manager or general director, mapping the customer journey is an essential part of your mission. Below an overview of previously written blogs:

1. “The buyer & customer journey as the basis for a good start with a new employer – 3 reasons for success”.

Especially if you are brand new within the organization, mapping the customer journey during your onboarding can help you enormously in getting to know the organization, the market and the customers. And you have a great project to start with! Once transparent, you have set up all touchpoints for the phases in the purchase process shown below.

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De buyer en customer journey als goede start bij een nieuwe werkgever


2. “Assess the customer journey with customer satisfaction?”

The nice thing about a designed customer journey is that it doesn’t stop there. The customer journey is continuously subject to change and optimization and so the marketing department can start measuring customer satisfaction with NPS, CES and loyalty. Certainly the CES can offer a lot of insights during the customer journey into the optimal use of the customer journey and its touchpoints.

In short, the NPS says something about the entire journey / organization as a total and the product / service that is ultimately purchased, the CES gives a value to the experience that a customer has with you as an organization at every step it makes and at every step. it has contact with the organization, which can be quite a few, see the overview below.

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customer journey touch points


Sales and customer service naturally play a central role in the customer contacts of an organization, but it is clear that marketing has a guiding role with regard to the organization-wide customer focus. The booster? Ultimately, that is the board or the management team, because customer focus must be a mission for them if it is to be widely supported and successful, including mapping and maintaining the customer journey.


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